Selvin Yavuz

Selvin has been teaching Yoga since 2011 and working as a Massage Therapist since 2008 in Belgium and internationally.

She discovered Yoga in Istanbul in 2002 and had the opportunity to live and travel between Europe and Asia to explore different aspects of the ancient wisdom. She studied Tibetan originated Energy Yoga in Belgium, Sivananda Yoga, Tantra and Ayurveda in India and Traditional Thai Yoga Massage in Thailand.

She is very grateful to all her teachers who guided her to deepen her understanding of Yoga as the path to liberation and happy for being part of the tradition by sharing these teachings with her students.

Selvin’s Yoga sessions focus on the natural energy flow of the body through grounding, energizing, and nourishing asana classes. Her long term practice of Thai Bodywork and various healing arts reflect on her insightful and personalized teaching approach.


About Yoga Travels

I am originally from Istanbul, the magnificient city, where Europe and Asia meet. I lived the first 25 years of my life crossing the bridge between the two continents. Deep inside I always felt myself as a World Citizen.

When I discovered Yoga I realized that the perception of the World around us is actually the reflection of our inner world, so our sense of happiness and fulfillment is very much related to cultivating an inner awareness.

When I first traveled to Asia from Europe I became aware of how our minds and lives were conditioned by our family background, our culture and education.

I observed how living in cities can drain our energy, overstimulating our senses and how the Nature is recharging, giving the energy in its purest form. I experienced transformational effects of the retreats,

Today, I share my experience by conducting conscious Yoga travels and Yoga retreats, by guiding people to an inner and outer journey; to cultivate inner peace and gain a new, nonjudgmental perspective on life.

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